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I Want to Buy Your Land!
> Get a FREE, no-obligation CASH Offer for your land
> NO Realtor commissions or listing fees
> I pay ALL Title, Escrow and Closing Fees
> Sell your land the Quick and Easy Way!

Do You?

>  Do you no longer have use for your Land?

>  Would you simply like cash for your Land?

>  Are you tired of wasting money on Property taxes and POA/HOA  dues?

>  Are you not sure about how or where to sell your vacant land?

>  Are you looking for a hassle-free solution to selling your land?

>  Are you tired of waiting months or years for your land to sell?

I'm ready to BUY your land now!

How The Process Works...

Step 01


Once you provide us with a few basic pieces of information about your property using our quick and simple Sell My Land Form, or calling us at 832-685-8211, we will receive your information and begin the review process immediately. After doing some research on your land, we will determine a fair offer price for your property.

Step 03


Once we have come to an agreement on the sale price of your property, we will send a simple, one-page Purchase and Sale Agreement to you using a digital-signature platform (DocuSign or similar, free for you). This saves everyone the time and hassle of having to FedEx or mail things back and forth. But hard-copy agreements can be mailed to you upon request, however most people prefer the speed and simplicity of the electronic process. We only need notarized, ink signatures at the final Closing with the Title Company.

Step 05


Step 02


After verifying that your property meets our buying criteria, we will contact you either by phone, text or email to provide you with the No-Obligation, full CASH offer for your property. 

Step 04


Once we’ve received your signed agreement, we will begin the Closing process of the property through a reputable Title company. There is no need to travel to complete the sale. A local notary can be used for less than $10.00 or even have one sent to your home. Best of all, we pay for all the costs involved and can arrange everything for you! 

The Title Company will prepare the necessary documents for you to sign, notarize, and return to them with a FedEx label provided by them, unless you're local to the property county. Once the signed and notarized documents are received, the agreed upon funds are distributed (cashiers check or wire) so you get PAID! Our process is simple, straightforward, and typically takes about 2-4 weeks to complete.

Selling Your Land FAQs

What information do you need to research or buy my property?

I really don’t need much. Our Sell My Land Form only requires(*) you to list the property owner's name, your contact information, and the state and county the property is located in. Adding additional information is recommended and filling out the form as completely as possible will help us research your property quicker and get you an offer in less time.

Why shouldn't I just sell the land myself?

Sometimes land can take months or even years to sell. This can be problematic for someone trying to sell their property quickly. Also, very rarely will a bank offer financing on land purchases which dramatically decreases your property-buying audience. This results in having to buy the property in full, with all cash, at the time of closing, which is an expense most cannot afford. Finally, if you decide to list with a broker/realtor, you must realize that land is typically not their top priority due to the low volume of buyers and profit margins for them. Brokers try and cater to pre-approved, first-time home-buyers. Their commissions are typically much greater with those type of transactions and much more frequent.

Are there expenses involved in selling my land?

Yes, but I will cover all costs involved in selling your land. These costs include Escrow fees, Title and Abstracting fees, Recording Fees, Document Prep Fees, Transfer Taxes, Notary fees, and all owed back taxes!

What if the title isn't clear and/or there are other names, liens, or encumberances on the land?

I research each situation individually, but depending on which county the property is located, I will work with the Title company/Attorney and County to find a solution to clear the title as fast as possible. I'm willing to work with you and typically most issues are solved and don't present a problem moving forward.

What if there are back taxes or dues on my property?

Selling your land to me does not require any money out of pocket. I will pay ALL owed back taxes due to the county and all closing costs and title fees. You will walk away from closing with a check for the agreed upon amount.

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